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Heat Kills

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In 2012, we created a community risk assessment tool to help workers to determine how to reduce their individual risk for heat related illness at home and in their communities. It’s called “Are you at risk for heat Illness at home? Keeping you and your family safe in the heat.”

Our problem is this: we don’t have enough funding to translate and print this tool and get it out to rural community organizations that would use it. Since we uploaded this document and its partner document (Site and Community Assessment Tool) three months ago, 300 copies of both have been downloaded.

We think “Are you at risk…” will be more accessible to small community organizations if it’s provided as a ready-to-use tool, printed and in the hands of community outreach workers. So, today, I’m asking you to make a donation specifically for this purpose.

The total cost for translation, printing and shipping 2,000 of these assessment tools is only $2,000:

  • $300 for translation
  • $1,500 for printing 2,000 copies
  • $200 for shipping to community organizations throughout the state

It’s not a lot of money but it will do a lot of good.

CIRS is a public interest research organization.  Sounds dull-- but the research we conduct often centers on stories.

  • Stories of farmers.
  • Stories of farm workers.
  • Stories of rural California communities.

We talk to people—a lot.  We listen to what they’re saying and create tools to help them get their stories out into the world in a way that is effective.  We aim to change policy and foster advocacy in rural California where many residents simply are not being heard. One of our main projects over the past two years has focused on reducing the risk of heat stress for residents in rural communities where it’s a life and death issue.

Please support this effort by contributing online at our Crowdtilt page.

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