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Osborn, S.N. (2011). Eastern Riverside County Community Health Monitor Executive Summary for Children 0 to 5 and 6 to 17 for First 5 Riverside. Health Assessment Resource Center. Retrieved from http://www.harcdata.org/pdfs/ExecutiveSummaryforChildren05and617SpecialReport132012.pdf

  • This summary looks at data from the 2012 Community Health Monitor report on children 0-5 and 6-17 for Riverside County; areas surveyed include Coachella, India, Mecca/North Shore, and Thermal, among others.
  • Topics covered include: health access, health optimization, oral health, mental health, asthma, nutrition, and physical activity.

Brambila, N.C. (2008, January 15). Judge issues ultimatum to ‘Duroville.’ The Desert Sun.

  • “A federal judge Monday told the owner of a ramshackle mobile home park in Thermal to comply with court orders or face U.S. marshals who will shutter the park.”


Healthy City. (2009). Coachella [Topographical map]. The California Endowment. Retrieved from http://www.calendow.org/healthycommunities/pdfs/Coachella_111011.pdf

  • A map of the Coachella region that includes roads, streets, parks and the Salton Sea. It also outlines Thermal and Mecca on the map.


Saldivar, A. (2011, November 17). Private School = Public Transportation Headache for Thermal Student. Coachella Unincorporated. Retrieved from http://coachellaunincorporated.org/2011/11/17/private-school-public-transportation-headache-for-thermal-student 

  • This article presents the personal account of a young Thermal resident and her struggles with public transportation to and from her private school in Palm Desert.
  • The author asserts that there are too few transit stops in the East Valley, and that she would require private means of transportation to and from the nearest bus stop; the nearest bus stop from her home was an hour away on foot.


Film Inquiry Research and Media Education (FIRME) Productions. (2012). Retrieved from http://www.firmeproductions.com/index.php?pageId=9

  • FIRME aims to engage high school youth in using video media as a means to express themselves and bring about social change.
  •  One student film, “The Contaminated Valley” (2007) details pollution problems facing the community of Thermal through the eyes of the residents. It was recognized by the Environmental Protection Agency and won best film in the 2006 Palm Springs Student Film Festival. The film can be viewed at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-DpKGIFh-2g.


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