2013 CIRS End of Year Message

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End of Year Message

December 16, 2013

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  • Planning for Justice in Rural California

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Dear Friends and Supporters,

I am so happy with the progress CIRS has made in 2013.

We have worked hard to research important issues in rural California.  We are only able to do this with your help and support.  Over the past year, our support has been growing and we hope you will help it to grow even more!

Because of individuals like you, we have been able to move forward on several important projects.  

Heat Kills

This year we worked to understand the causes of heat illness in farm worker populations.  Working with UC Davis on a large scale project called the California Heat Illness Prevention Study that focuses on heat stress in the farm work place, we have begun to understand what motivates workers in the field and how employers are implementing life-saving strategies to keep their workers safe.  

Our research continues to seek solutions. 

Planning for Justice in Rural California

Working in the Eastern Coachella Valley with community partners, CIRS has been gathering data and creating advocacy tools to change policy for rural regions. 

Speaking recently at the American Planning Association meeting I stated:

Planning in unincorporated areas is an Environmental Justice issue! Why?

We have created sparsely populated ghettos of poor people of color in regions that lack plans for development. With low population and poverty, these regions have little power in county planning agencies.

As a result:

  • People are denied resources simply because they live in unincorporated regions.
  • Lack of planning leads to residents living near environmental hazards.
  • Farm workers are exposed to chemicals at work and at home.
  • Poor quality housing is common and even unregulated.
  • Food, although it is being grown in these communities, is not available to those who plant, cultivate and harvest it.

How do we change this?  You can help.

You will notice that there is a live button on our website for easily donating to CIRS.  For us to continue in our mission, we need people like you supporting us.  The more you give, the more we can do to bring social justice into the discussion of sustainable agriculture.  

Unrestricted funds allow us to pursue issues that may be unpopular and make sure our results reach the people who most need them.

We will continue our work on heat stress and housing equity for farm workers.  We have plans for creating more videos that illustrate positive relationships between workers and employers.  But we can't do this work alone.

We see opportunity ahead of us. We want people to hear about our vibrant and successful rural communities.  We want to continue to do research that seeks solutions to our current challenges.  With your support, we will achieve success.

Please donate today!

Thank you and Happy Holidays,

Gail Wadsworth

Executive Director

California Institute for Rural Studies

 Rural CA 208x156



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