Gleaning, GMOs and Immigration, Oh, my!

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Postings on the Rural California Report have been covering a lot of issues lately.  Contributors have written about gleaning, GMOs, immigration reform, equity in the food system and the Supreme Court.  It seems a lot is going on!  

One of our posts is a trio of first-person accounts of working in the fields of California harvesting fruit. These interviews with women in rural communities of California are eye-opening. We hope you'll share them with friends and colleagues.

Our friend, Dr. Phil Martin from UC, Davis has posted a couple of interesting articles about the environment and migration after the Arizona SB1070 law was passed.  

You'll see a lot more on the site too!  There are postings on water, climate change, heat stress, rural housing, the farm bill and other important topics.  We hope you'll keep reading our articles and let us know if you think there are issues we are missing.  

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