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A Digest of March Stories 

March contributions to the Rural California Report included some new writers and topics.

Starting off the month was an analysis of rural housing policies at the state and federal level as well as an explanation of prospects for the future.  Dr. Rob Weiner presented this information in his article, Rural Housing in the Crosshairs: New Challenges and New Opportunites.

Week two featured a piece by Kerstin Lindgren, Director of the Domestic Fair Trade Association entitled: Bringing Fair Trade Home. This was a very popular posting with lots of useful links to organizations who are advocating for fair trade.

We were very happy to have Dr. Michael Rios from UC, Davis Department of Landscape Architecture write an illuminating article on Latino Placemaking in California And Beyond. Dr.Rios is working with CIRS on a research project in Stockton.

And we finished off the month with a photo-journal for Farmworker Awareness Week with a photo-journal of our recent work on heat stress and community.  This piece was submitted by Vallerye Mosquera and is entitled, Double Invisibility: Forgotten in the Fields and at Home.  

As always, I am interested in your comments on these posts and suggestions for future posts.  You can contact me at gwadsworth@cirsinc.org

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