July, Already?

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July, Already?

December 23, 2011

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Dear Friends and Supporters, 

We’re already halfway through 2012, and CIRS hit the ground running!

We have continued to move forward on several important projects with the goal of making sure our tools and reports are useful.  We have recently completed unique assessment tools for farm labor communities to determine their risk of heat stress within their homes and communities.  My most recent blog post with partner Vallerye Mosquera will give you a preview of our work.  The completed tools will soon be available for download on our site.  Our thanks to UC, Davis Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education Program for funding this work.  We are excited to extend it in the next two years.

Our large scale, multi-year field project with UC Davis on heat stress in the farm work place is underway.  This important epidemiologic and sociologic study will hopefully reveal both physical and cultural data to help reduce the occurrence of heat illness among the farm worker population.

Our research continues to seek solutions.

Realizing that rural populations are food insecure, we launched a feasibility study on healthy mobile vending for rural communities. Food trucks have taken off in urban communities and we see the potential for adaptation of the model in rural regions. This project is nearing completion and the report will soon be available online.

We are excited to be working with UC, Davis Center for Regional Change on an environmental justice project in the East Coachella Valley funded by The California Endowment. The final materials for this project will be available online by the end of the year.

One of our goals is to become the “go to” organization for resources on rural communities in the Golden State.  It’s a big goal but I think we can achieve it with your support!

Rural California Report 

The Rural California Report has turned out to be a wonderful resource.  Every week, we feature an article on something related to rural communities.  Our contributors are varied but one thing they have in common is a focus on rural issues.  So, if you want to know about child labor in agriculture or what’s going on in Fresno and Stockton, this is the place you should look

If you want to submit an article for our blog about something going on in your rural community, please send it to me at gwadsworth@cirsinc.org and I will make sure it gets read. We should be able to let you know within a month of receiving it, if and when it will be posted.  If we don’t post it, please remember that all visitors to our site are invited to leave comments and links on the Rural California Report page.


You will notice that there is a live button on our website for easily donating to CIRS.  For us to continue in our mission, we need people like you supporting us.  The more you give, the more we can do to bring social justice into the discussion of sustainable agriculture.  Unrestricted funds allow us to pursue issues that may be unpopular and make sure our results reach the people who most need them.

We see opportunity ahead of us. We want all kinds of people to hear about our vibrant and successful rural communities.  We want to continue to do research that seeks solutions to our current challenges.  With your support, we will achieve success.

Please donate today!


Thank you all,

Gail Wadsworth

Executive Director

California Institute for Rural Studies


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