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California Air Resources Board. (January 25, 2007). The Health Impacts of Coarse Particulate Matter [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from


  • Concerns the adverse consequences of coarse air pollution (e.i. PM 10) and heart rate variability. These consequences were stronger in desert regions, due to the deserts unique particle composition in desert regions.
  • Studies found increase in cardiovascular and total death related to coarse particles.
  • Presentation refers to Dr. Michael J. Lipsett’s study on Coachella Valley senior residents with heart disease; he found short-term exposure to coarse particles can be hazardous to public health.


Coachella Valley residents less healthy than California peers. (2011, December 20). The Public Record, pp. 10. Retrieved from


  • Reports on statistics released by the Palm Desert-based Health Assessment Resource Center (HARC), which asserts that 17.4% of Coachella Valley residents consider themselves to have fair or poor health, double the state proportion of 8.1%.


Osborn, S.N. (2011). Eastern Riverside County Community Health Monitor Executive Summary for Children 0 to 5 and 6 to 17 for First 5 Riverside. Health Assessment Resource Center. Retrieved from

  • This summary looks at data from the 2012 Community Health Monitor report on children 0-5 and 6-17 for Riverside County; areas surveyed include Coachella, India, Mecca/North Shore, and Thermal, among others.
  • Topics covered include: Health Access, Health Optimization, Oral Health. Mental Health, Asthma, Nutrition, and Physical Activity.

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