About CIRS

As in many agricultural regions, rural California communities face deep-rooted barriers to sustainable development that have been inadequately addressed by public policy.  We have constructively responded to these challenges by focusing on a comprehensive range of research topics including farm labor, food systems and rural health. Within these broad program areas we do essential work on fair labor practices, market barriers to farmers, water use and policy, pesticide use, food insecurity and access and more.

All of our work is done with the goal of turning research into action. By working in the public interest we are able to present objective research findings to policy makers, stakeholder organizations, and the general public so that they can make decisions and take action.

Since 1977, we have focused on rural and agricultural issues, seeking sustainable solutions.  We take particular pride in forging beneficial relationships with grassroots stakeholder organizations while maintaining the respect and cooperation of research institutions in the state. Agencies and policy makers also look to us for substantive analysis of current public policy issues.  Our longstanding ties to community-based organizations in rural California are critical to our success in conducting sound empirical research among difficult to access populations such as hired farmworkers.



CIRS is a proud member of the Food Chain Workers Alliance and the Rural Coalition.


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